Beam element: Define additional nodes for beam elements

With this command elements of type 20 can be assigned up to 3 additional nodes. The first additional node (third element node) identifies the direction of the first main axis of the beam element. The forth node is used as an eccentrically connection of the left end node and the fifth node is used for an eccentrically connection of the right end node.

Following dialog shows the available options:

3. Node/ 4. Node / 5. Node

Graphically: After pressing this button, the node has to be selected by cursor. Node ID of the selected node is shown within the related input field.

Xyz: Within the input field coordinates for a new node to be generated can be given.

Node ID: The ID of an already defined node can be entered.

Out: If this option is selected, the corresponding node in the element definition is not changed.

Element selection

All these elements for which additional nodes should be defined have to be selected. Only elements of type 20 are considered.


This button assigns actual shown settings for selected elements


This button causes a plot of all additional nodes for actually selected elements of type 20. The main axis of beam elements is shown by a vector within center of element gravity in direction of node 3. If option “Nodes 1->3” is set, a colored line is plotted from nodes 1 to 3. The fourth element node will be connected to the left end and the fifth element node will be connected to the right element end by a colored line.