Color bar: Define position of color bar and define additional text

Following dialog shows the available options:

Color bar

Position x, y, h in % of window size: Position and height of the color bar in % of the window size must be given

Activate: The color bar will be plotted within a new layer. With this option set this layer won’t be erased when refreshing the plot.

Horizontal: Plots color bar as a horizontal bar, otherwise as a vertical bar.

Annotation: To annotate the color bar, the number of color boxes to be annotated and the number of decimal digits can be given.

Plot: Color bar will be plotted.

Load case legend

For displaying a legend together with a load case following values can be provided:

Text: A single line of text can be given. If button „Actual load case“ is pressed the current load case description given in the second line of the input file is used.

Position: The position of the text line must be given in percentage of window size.

Font: The ID of the font to be used by the text has to be given.

The provided legend is saved as a text group -1 and plotted together with all active text groups (see command Graphics text).