Development of special Interface programs

The folder “interface” on the installation CD respectively the Zip file contains the following source files that can be used as a model for developing special interface programs, also is it possible to expend the given NASTRAN or PATRAN interfaces:

nastran_interface.cpp: the main-function of the NASTRAN interface program „nastran.exe“.

patran_interface.cpp: the main-function of the PATRAN interface program „patran.exe“.

ladedatei.cpp: function for reading the binary files „project.fes“ and „project.lqd“.

getData.cpp: a function that provides all project data in a special data structure.

nastran.cpp: function that creates the NASTRAN input file.

patran.cpp: function that creates the PATRAN input file.

The function „getStructData“ reads the binary files of the current project from hard disk and provides these data in a data structure for further processing. The data structure is described in the file “interface.h”. The functions “nastran” respectively “patran” write these data corresponding to the format of these interfaces to text files. These source programs can be used as model for the development of other interfaces.

The command Interface (DLL) allows to call own interface programs from a DLL: