Element selection: Select elements for structure and scalar field plot.

There is a difference between the element selection for structural plots and for scalar field plots. Only these elements are plotted which are contained within the current element selection for structure plots, but scalar fields are plotted only for those elements which are also contained within the element selection for the scalar field plot, remaining elements are plotted with colors assigned to the elements respectively a given color.

Following dialog shows the available options:


Structure plot

The element selection for plot of the structure has to be given. Pressing button “Plot structure” the current plot is updated.

Scalar field

The selection of elements for which scalar values should be plotted must be given. Only elements that are also in the selection for structure plot can be selected.

Show value area

Pressing button “Update”, the smallest and the largest value of the active scalar field are calculated for the elements in the selections and displayed.


Pressing this button will update the shown smallest and largest values.