Graphical text: Define additional text to be displayed in the graphics window.

Text can be added to graphics. Graphical text can be defined within several text groups which can be activated or deactivated and can be saved in files with .txt extension.

Following Dialog shows the available options:

Text file

Load: Loads a text file. If there are already text groups available the loaded groups are appended.

Save: Saves all defined text groups to a file.

Define or modify a text group

Group ID: a unique ID identifies Text groups. Within the list box all currently defined IDs are shown.

Show: Currently defined parameters for the selected text group are shown and can be modified.

Activate: With this option set the text group will be plotted during graphics, otherwise it is not plotted.

Font ID: Selected ID of the font to be used when plotting this text group (1-3).

Text input field: Up to 3 lines of text can be defined for the selected text group. Pressing Ctrl + Return inserts a line break.

Position: The position of the text group can optionally be provided within relative coordinates (relative to the size of the graphics window in %) or as absolute coordinates within model space.

Apply: After setting the parameters for a text group the group must be explicitly saved by pressing button „Apply“.

Erase: The selected text group will be completely deleted.

Define font: Font and color to be used by a font ID can be selected out of a dialog box.

Set all active

All text groups are set active.

Set all inactive

All text groups are set inactive.

Erase all

All currently defined text groups are deleted.


All active text groups are plotted within a separate display list which isn’t erased when the graphics window is erased so it may be necessary explicitly to set text groups inactive.