Layer: Erase layers or turn OpenGL display lists on or off

With this command you can erase all entities on given AutoCAD layers. It’s also possible to turn OpenGL display lists on and off.

Following Dialog shows the available options:


The list shows all currently plotted display lists respectively existing layers within AutoCAD. Digit 0 or 1 within the first column shows the status (on or off) of the associated display list.

Erase AutoCAD layer

With this option set, the list only shows layers currently defined within AutoCAD. It’s possible to select these layers and to remove entities on these layers with button „Erase layer“.

Select all

All layers within the list are selected.

New selection

The current selection is canceled.

Turn off

Turn off selected display lists.

Turn on

Turn on selected display lists.

Erase layer

The selected display lists respectfully AutoCAD layers are erased. Entities on AutoCAD layers are deleted.

Layer names

A dialog pops up to define new layer names.