Load case: Define combinations of load cases

In case there is more than one load case loaded in memory this property page allows the selection of the active load case. It’s also possible to combine several scalar fields of the same type to a new scalar field. The list shows the currently loaded scalar fields together with type and scaling factor. Scalar fields are identified by a load case ID. The type ID identifies the type of the scalar field. For each load case a scaling factor must be given which is used when combining load cases.

Following dialog shows the available options:


This button sets scaling factors for all load cases to 0.


All scalar fields with identical type as the first field are assigned the same given scaling factor.


Within the given range of load cases all the load cases are assigned the same given scaling factor, if these scalar fields have the same type.

Load ID

The ID of a single load case must be given, which is assigned the given scaling factor.


The scaling factor to be assigned must be given.


This button finally assigns the scaling factor to selected load cases and plots the distribution of scalar values.