Command Demo File

A sequence of commands of a session can be recorded in a file for later reproduction as a demonstration. Demo files automatically get the extension .dem. Optionally as a tutorial, also the dialog boxes associated with the commands can be shown with the used parameter values in a demonstration.

Demonstrations are started with the command Demo File in menu group Help.

Following figure shows the available options:


Start demo file

Graphic text: Associated with each command is a line of text, which shows the command name and its function. If this option is active, the text is displayed in the graphics window

Show dialog: With this option active, the dialog associated with the command is popped up to show the command parameters.

Continuously: With this option not set, each different dialog box is only shown once, with this option set the dialog box is shown again.

Show pictures automatically: With this option set, the next command is executed automatically. A dialog is shown, where you can stop the automatic sequence. With this option not set, the command sequence is stopped after each new graphics output. In a dialog you confirm continuation or stop the run or switch to automatic sequence.

Delay time: The time for delay after each new graphics output must be given in milliseconds.

Number of repetition: If a number m > 0 is given, the demonstration is automatically restarted m times after the end of the file is reached.

Open: After setting the options, the run is started with this button. The file name has to be selected in a file selection box.

Create demo file

After clicking „Open“, the name of the output file has to be given in a file selection box. Following commands are recorded in this file, until the file is closed with the same button, which is now labeled „Close“.

Note: Recording of commands is not implemented for all possible actions. A demo file cannot be used as a restart file.