Material : Define material properties

This command defines material properties. The meaning of these values follows PATRAN neutral file format respectively is described in the NASTRAN interface for different types of materials. A material ID and a material type ID identify different materials. In case a material ID is given for which there are already values stored these values are shown within the related input fields when the button “Show values” is pressed. Button „Apply“ saves these values and „Delete“ deletes already saved values. Button “Delete all” deletes all stored material data.

Following Dialog shows the available options:

Material data

Material ID: A unique material ID has to be given. The list box shows the previously used IDs.

Material type ID: A type ID in the range 1 to 13 when using PATRAN interface respectively 1 to 18 when using NASTRAN interface must be given.

Number of values: If a number is given here it is check whether the number of given material values in the next input field is correct.

Material values: PATRAN interface saves up to 96 material values. Lacking values are set to 0. The number of values that are needed for different NASTRAN materials is described in chapter “NASTRAN – Interface”.