Rotation: Define view by rotating around model axis

Within this dialog the projection plane, center of plot, scale factor and rotation of the model around global axis can be specified. The sliders can dynamically modify these settings.

Hint: dragging the pointer in the graphics window with the left button pressed can also dynamically change Angles wx and wy. Dragging horizontally will change angle wy, dragging vertically will change angle wx.

Following Dialog shows the available options:

Apply immediately

With this option set the graphical representation will be immediately actualized after a slider is moved. Disabling this option, several parameters can be modified before pressing „Apply“ generates a new plot.

Center of image / scale factor

Global x, y, z-coordinates for the center of the plot and the scale factor must be given. Default will be the center of the current selected elements with a scaling so that all selected elements fits within the window. By reducing the scale factor or moving the center of the plot, parts of the model can be zoomed. With the sliders center and scale can be changed continuously.

Center of image and scale factor can also be given numerically in the input fields, updating are done after pressing button “Apply”.

Rotation angle

These sliders define rotations about the global coordinate axis in the range of -90o to +90o

Projection plane

Out of the drop down list you can select one of the following projection planes: (xy), (xz), (yz), -(xy), -(xz), -(yz). With projection planes having a negative sign, the view is in the direction of the positive coordinate axis perpendicular to the projection plane, otherwise it is in the opposite direction. Pressing „Set plane“ does updating.


The default view is applied.

QV on / of

This button allows a quicker finding of the optional view (QV stands for Quick View) in case the graphics is very complex as with shading or representation of scalar fields. The button functions as a switch and is alternately labeled „QV on“ and „QV off“. Switching QV on causes all currently visible display lists to be set invisible and a new list to be displayed that shows only the sharp edges of the selected elements. This reduced graphics can quickly be rotated or zoomed to find the desired view. After that QV is to be switched of with the same button and the full graphics will be visible again.

Save / Restore view

Pressing button “Save” the parameters of the current view will be stored, pressing button „Restore“ can later restore this view. Up to 4 different views can be stored; the number of view must be given in the input field.