Save automatically: Save all data automatically to hard disk.

With this command a time increment and a basis name of the files for automated saving can be given. The basis name is appended by _1 respectively _2 and the filename extension according to the type of data being saved. Data is saved alternately in files with expansion _1 respectively _2, so always two copies of different times are available. Saved are the macro model, the finite element model, subdivision parameters and load data that is currently in memory. In case of a mistake, you should turn of the automatically saving immediately, so that a correct saving is not overwritten.

 Following dialog shows the available options:

Change file title: In a file selection window the basis name of the files is to be specified.

Time increment: The time increment for automated savings is to be given in minutes. The time of the latest saving is displayed in the dialog box.

Switch on: Automatically saving is switched on.

Switch off: Automatically saving is switched off.