Subdivision: Perform subdivision

After specifying all necessary subdivision data, this command performs subdivision by generating finite elements.

Following dialog shows the available options:

Intermediate nodes

If this option is marked, one intermediate node is generated on the edges of the finite elements. Except for elements of type 150 or 140 this is done when the pattern for the unit element is calculated. Transferring this pattern to the geometry of the macro element results in curved edges for the finite elements. With type 150 or type 400 elements all edges of finite elements are straight.


Check corner angle

If this option is marked, all corner angles of quadrilateral elements are checked. If the angle is less than the given angle or greater than 180 degree – given angle, the quadrilateral element is replaced by two triangular elements.

Element selection

By specification of an element set it’s possible to subdivide only parts of the current macro model. This especially will be useful for subdividing individual parts or for trying out the influence of different parameters for individual elements. By default all elements will be subdivided.

Group ID of finite elements

Get from macro element: Group ID of the related macro element will be adopted by the finite elements

Macro element ID: Finite elements will have a group ID the same as the original macro element ID.

New: Given ID will be assigned to the finite elements.

Mechanical type ID of finite elements

Get from macro element: Type IDs of the original macro elements are used for the resulting finite elements.

New: Given ID will be assigned to the finite elements.

Eps for node compression

You may define a tolerance value for combining nodes within a near distance into a single node. Omitting this value will cause the program to determine a suitable default. All nodes with a distance smaller than this value are combined into a single node. Attention: If you do not give a value for eps the chosen value might be to small. In any case check whether there are nodes within a small distance that should be merged into a single node by plotting sharp edges are by using the command Compress nodes.

Test individual elements

Select graphically: After clicking this button macro elements have to be selected graphically, these elements will be subdivided immediately and generated finite elements are plotted using a different color, so the proper matching of the select subdivision pattern can be checked graphically.