Pre- und Postprocessor for Finite Elements

Readme file to MAKROS-A

Readme file to Makros-A (October 2002)

1) Version
The actual version number of Makros-A is 7.5.3  (October 2002)

2) Changes in respect to earlier version
Makros-A may freely be used on universities and by students
2.1) LINUX version
Makros-A is now also available for Linux and some UNIX workstations.
2.1) New commands
Command "VDAFS" allows to work with CAD data given in VDAFS format.
Command " DLL function" allows to call own functions to generate elements.
Command "Interface (DLL)" allows to call own interface functions from a DLL.
Dragging left mouse button in the graphics window changes the view dynamically.
Command "3DExpansion" allows translation between coordinate systems.

3) Installation of Makros-A
First create a folder makrosa. 
3.1) zip-file
The program is completely installed by extracting the different zip-files.
For the stand alone version only makrosa_exe_engl.zip is needed, for demos also makrosa_demo.zip.
With AutoCAD14 makrosarx_exe_engl.zip is needed.
With AutoCAD2000 makrosarx2000_exe_engl.zip is needed.
3.2 From CD
The program can be installed by just copying the files to hard disc.

4) Demo
After installing the zip-file start the file "\bin\makrose.exe" and choose command "Demo file" from menu "Help". In the corresponding popup dialog mark the option "Show pictures automatically" und click button "Open". In a file selection box choose the file "\common\demo\demo.dem", this will start an endless demo, to stop it press the button "Stop demo":

5) Folders
MAKROS-A is installed in the following folders (for "makrosa" an other folder may be given):






this file





ARX-Version for AutoCAD 2000


ARX-Version for AutoCAD 14


Linux version


SGI version


Windows-help file


menu file for AutoCAD



files  with demos and tutorial



Makros-A documentation



Linux /  UNIX help files



Templates  for developing own functions

6) Uninstallation
There are no entries made to the registry, so uninstalling Makros-A is simply done by deleting the relevant folders.

7) Using Makros-A
7.1) As a stand alone application
Double click on makrose.exe.
Makros-A can also be invoked by double clicking on files with extension .dem, .fes, .mes  if a corresponding association with these file types to makrose.exe is given.
7.2) From within AutoCAD
From within AutoCAD the ARX version is invoked with the AutoCAD command ARX/Load and selecting the object makrosarxe.arx resp. makrosarxe2000.arx in a file selection window. With AutoCAD 14 the menu file "makrosa" must explicitly be loaded using the corresponding AutoCAD command. Control is alternatively within AutoCAD or within makrosarx. Control is passed from AutoCAD  to makrosarxe clicking menu button MAKROSA or giving command "m_makrosa"  in the AutoCAD command line. While control is within makrosarxe, no AutoCAD commands may be used. From within makrosarxe control is given back to AutoCAD  using menu button "Control to AutoCAD". Reading entities from AutoCAD  is done using menu button "Read AutoCAD data". Transfer of elements to AutoCAD is done by plotting elements with the option "AutoCAD" checked in the corresponding plot dialog.

8) Documentation
You find the documentation in the file "manual.pdf". You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print it.

9) HTML Help
You find a compiled HTML version of the documentation in the file "makrose.chm". With Linux / UNIX Netscape is invoked with html files that are given in the folder makrosa\english\html.

10) Demo-files
All demo files are located within subfolder "demo". These file can directly be loaded and executed from CD and need not be copied to your hard disk.

11) OpenGL-graphics
Makros-A uses OpenGL for graphical display. Needed libraries (DLLs) are installed by default for Windows/NT and Windows 2000 (XP).

12) License
Makros-A can freely be used on universities and by students. For commercial use a license is needed

13) Further development
Special functions may be implemented on demand. Errors should be reported to guenther.boege@g-boege.de


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